• Cost predictable scale-out solutions

  • Software Led Infrastructure, for easy deployment and maintenance

  • Hybrid cloud bringing full symmetry between private and public clouds

  • Converged Infrastructure, moving toward an appliance based data center

What do we do?

Software design Enterprise Branch Cloud Private/Public Cloud Data Center Solution
One of the major impediments for a business to fully embrace cloud computing is often the lack of understanding and qualified people to lead you along the way. At NuCloud, we have assembled an expert team to ensure that you get what you want, the way you want it. By offering all of the traditional hardware inside of a single software package, branch deployment can then be streamlined to the point where it can be done without committing extra personnel to the operation, and be made as simple as plug and play. The NuCloud Cloud provides complete symmetry and cost-effectiveness across the entire Private-Hybrid-Public continuum, in a way that no other provider can, thereby enabling NuCloud customers to attain unheard of levels of performance, availability, economy, security, flexibility and ease of use. NuCloud hyperscaled data centers have the ability to fine tune complete building blocks into solution optimized tools on the fly, providing massive performance efficiency advances leading implementation to be driven by connectivity and throughput.

Software-Led Infrastructure

With a revolutionary modular, software-driven approach, NuCloud is proud to be a leading company to deliver a simple solution to the enterprise world for datacenter management previously only available to the internet giants. This solution, commonly referred to as Web-scale infrastructure, is all about the convergence of the three fundamental aspects of data center operations into a single, scalable, and persistent device. Devices of this nature power the massive compute engine behind Facebook and Google, and can now power your business with NuCloud introducing them to the enterprise world for the first time.

Why us?

Cloud Computing Done the Right Way Efficiency We Are Global
Our cloud is fully compliant with the highest level of security standards. Don’t make the mistake of hosting your business-critical data on someone else's cloud. NuCloud's ultra-secure solution will ensure that you preserve data integrity. We like efficiency. Not only at the software level but also at the energy consumption level. Your cloud will be optimize to fully take advantage of your computing resources. No waste. With multiple offices spanning North America, Europe and Asia, NuCloud can deliver its solutions virtually anywhere you are on the planet. To date, we have successfully deployed cloud solutions and infrastructures in more than 80 countries worldwide.